Thursday, December 17, 2009

Raw Emotion - People of the South

Someone once told me that you'll take enough pictures until you finally figure out what you "like" to shoot. Well, I've got a year of photography under my belt and it's a clear favorite that I like capturing natural emotions of people. No "say cheese" shots for me, no way no how. I like to capture emotions that are natural and spontaneous. That is hard for a photographer, not only because of the legalities of it all, but because you have to actually be there with the perfect lighting, perfect attitudes, perfect everything to get that perfect "people" shot. Here are some of my favorites from 2009.

These young men were at the Veteran's day celebration we had in Vicksburg, Mississippi this year. That was one awesome event. I talked to the old timers and loved hearing their stories. I know that they loved telling them. For more Veterans' day photos of that day, click here.

This is my Godson, Brayden. He is a Southern character! He is one of a kind that has this personality that is infectious. He is spoiled rotten, but somehow you put up with it. Which is not me. I have a tendency to try to "fix" spoiled children. But Brayden always gets me laughing before I can "fix" him.


Here are some shots from Downtown Vicksburg this past summer. Kids playing in the water at "Catfish Row" water park. My wife and I had the best time just talking with the parents and kids. After we took the pictures, we give the parents my website so they can go download them all for free!


Of course, my favorite character of the year was Mr. Clovis. See my blog just on him. Check out these random shots of the many Southern characters I met in 2009. The second shot is Mr. Earl, and the third shot is Mr. Rodgers.


But, because I am married and my wife makes me take some "say cheese" shots, I do occasionally takes the kids and their friends out to take a few candid shots. Here are my kids.


Well, that is a pretty long blog. Thanks for hangin in there with me. This will be my first full winter to shoot photos in, so I am looking forward to revisiting some of the same places we went to this summer, but from a winter perspective. You guys have a wonderful and merry Christmas!


  1. Robert,

    This is such a pleasure---to re-visit "home" through your eyes and lens. And I 'know' every single one of the people, from church or from their farms or their businesses or just from down the road in passin'.

    Thank you for all you've shared this year---it's been so much Wonderful in such a short time---I look forward to the coming year and all its seasons, to find anew with your camera.

  2. Robert, I loved all of these photos, but especially liked the ones of Brayden. You captured his "southern character" perfectly.

    Best wishes to you and your family for the best Christmas ever. And, like Rachel, I, too, look forward to the new year as it unfolds through your pictures.

  3. Robert, these are wonderful shots. That last shot of your godson is SO cute! And I loved the veteran shots. God bless them every one.

    Merry Christmas to you!

    Sheila :-)


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