Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the long pause between posts. Christmas is behind us now and I hope your like me and ready to take on the new year! I am so blessed. I have great friends, a great family, a great church and a great God who takes care of me every day. I did get out over the holiday's and take a few pictures. Hope you enjoy.

We were in perfect position (thanks to Marty!) for this BEAUTIFUL sunrise. The winter cold had long claimed these plants, but when you frame them inside the sunrise reflection they come back to life!


  1. Beautiful, Robert, and they stir such memories! Plants can be as beautiful in their wanings as in the first flush of bloom.

    And a sunrise walk along a bayou, a marsh, a lake---there's no time like it. I can hear the little creatures waking, and smell the promise of the new day.

  2. Robert, that is GORGEOUS! Your camera is blessed!

    Happy New Year to you in return...

    Sheila :-)

  3. Robert, it's so nice to see you posting again. I missed your pictures during the holidays.

    I love all of those, especially the last one. You are very talented, and I look forward to seeing the new year through your camera lens.

  4. Beautiful photos...your eye for photography is wonderful!!!

  5. Robert,

    I hope that you and your camera are out and about, capturing all these lovely photos we enjoy.

    I look forward to seeing your name pop to the top of my index, showing that you've posted another of your beautiful shots of Mississippi.

    Be well and warm,



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