Friday, April 15, 2011

A Lazy Saturday! - More Delta Faces

This past Saturday Marty Kittrell and I went on one of the longest photo excursions we've done in quite a while. It was such a beautiful day! Marty will tell you, while I love to capture old buildings and wildlife, nothing warms my heart more than capturing the faces of the Mississippi Delta. Here is my new friend "JC". I saw him going down the road in Rolling Fork about a year ago, and I missed the chance to get his photo. Saturday when I saw him again, I told Marty to whip around and let me talk to him. When I asked if I could take his picture, he said "sure".

Here are some delta fishermen that were fishing on the side of the road down highway 465. This young man had a smile that I'll never forget. Such a sweet spirit and loved telling me about the one that got away!

The sombrero made this gentleman a true character! A quiet man but in the few minutes they let me spend with them he caught two fish!

You could almost see the relief on their faces knowing that supper was caught and the pressure was off!

Thanks guys for letting me spend some time with you guys!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tallahatchie Flats

A while back my wife surprised me with a weekend getaway. I didn't know where we would end up, but when she told me to grab my camera and she turned up 61 North highway, I knew it was going to be good. We ended up at a place called Tallahatchie Flats ( I had been to the Shack Up Inn a few times, so I was curious to experience this new place.

Right on the banks of the Tallahatchie River, these small rural homes give you the experience that the old blues families might have had back in the day! Here are some photos from the journey as well as the destination!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vicksburg Structures - Kuhn Memorial Hospital and Carr Central High School

Sorry for the long delay in blogging. Life gets in the way of activities that we cherish the most. Photography went second fiddle to house remodeling and sending a kid off to college. On top of that, winter colors (or lack there of) never draw my camera's attention. But, Spring is in the air and the colors are coming back, house is finished and the kids adjusting to college life just fine! So what did I do for my first adventures back into photography? I went and shot two old structures around my home town of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

I vaguely remember Kuhn Memorial Hospital growing up.  It was a charity hospital, so I don't think I went there for any medical attention, but I lived on Jackson St as a small child and drove by it everyday on my way to elementary school. Here are a few of the photos of Kuhn I shot a few days ago. For the full gallery of photos see here.

Now moving on to Carr Central. I was one of the last classes to attend Carr Central. I believe is was 4th or 5th grade math. I had Mrs. Morris. I remember Clarence Dunmore chasing me around the room, so I grabbed his markers and threw them out the window. Here are a few photos from my recent shoot. For the full gallery see here.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first adventure back in a while! More to come soon. Be sure to check out the full galleries if you want more at!