Monday, November 25, 2013

Photo Shoot Locations Around Vicksburg, Mississippi

So I get asked a lot about good places for backgrounds for senior photos or family photos around our Vicksburg area, so I decided to put together this post to show you guys a few great locations right around here. The times of year (winter vs. summer) make a big difference so they might not always be as good as the example photos I'm using, so keep that in mind.

Downtown Vicksburg

Great for more urban backdrops and architecture! Loaded with old brick walls and buildings from the good old days, these backdrops provide that aged look that no money can buy for a commercial backdrop.

Brick wall of the old Corner Drug Store. Shot taken just before sunset.

Wall of exposed brick in Downtown Vicksburg

Steps of the old Trustmark Bank Building

Middle of the road. Watch out for traffic!

There are a couple of old trains down by the old Train station downtown

Glass reflection and a bench in Downtown Vicksburg

Mound, Louisiana Levees
Best in the summer when the wild flowers are in bloom! But great anytime for a wide open field look.

Rail Bridge on Old 27
Take either frontage road west (toward Jackson) all the way until you can't go any further, then take a left. On the left side of the road before you get to the Visitor's Bureau there is an old Rail Bridge.

Valley Park Train Station Site
I don't know who owns these trains or if they are on private property, but they provide a great backdrop for photos. I've never been asked to leave and I've shot there many times. Go up 61 north to Valley Park and the trains are parked on the left side of the highway.

Railroad Tracks off of Washington St Going Toward the Harbor Project

Go all the way down Washington Street toward the Harbor Project and when you get to the Fort Hill area of the Military Park on the right, look to the left and there is a long stretch of railroad track.

Miscellaneous Places

Bovina Rail Trestle - Not much for ground beauty, but a great backdrop.

Grand Gulf State Park - Just a short drive to Port Gibson. I've never shot there, but would probably make a great location

Catfish Row Downtown - Summer time place for GREAT action shots for the smaller kids.

Michel's Music Store Downtown Vicksburg - If I'm shooting a senior that is into guitars, then there's no better place than a music store.