Monday, February 22, 2010

Southern Snow

Sorry for the long delay. This is my first winter as a photographer and to be honest I am really struggling with the winter palette! This summer and fall provided colorful landscapes with plenty of saturation and I fell in love with the Autumn opportunities. But I am coming out of my Winter blues and really looking for the right frames to capture with this new landscape. Here are some of the photos captured from this last Winter blast through the deep South!

This angel face couldn't be hidden by the snow.

The Old Courthouse Museum was beautiful with the snow blanket.

The Mississippi River Bridge was an awesome site!


  1. I'm so glad to see you!! And the snow-shots are just wonderful (though I've waded and stepped in and looked out at this covered yard for quite long enough, thank you).

    I especially love the angel-face and the blue-tint one, pristine and untouched as far as you can see---our evenings and nights are almost bright as day, with all the city lights reflected from snow and clouds back to snow, etc.

    And ours has an always-pink tinge to the dimness, from all the lights themselves, I suppose. We can see clear past the back gate all night when the ground is white.

    Always good to see your work!

  2. Gorgeous photos...and like all the rest of us bloggers, winter is dreary and we're all looking for some signs of color and all your photos!!!

  3. It was good to see you posting again, Robert. I love all of your pictures, but the bridge is my favorite. It just seems to disappear into nothingness.

    I'm counting the days until Spring -- only 26 more!

  4. Robert, I've been MIA, too, lately, and I only have a few minutes to visit. I happened to come by, and boy, am I glad I did!

    Gorgeous photos. I'm with Janie... the one of the bridge is breathtaking. I wonder if Vicksburg has ever seen snow that deep, though I think that in the 1800's, they got more than we get today. I'd have to research that to be certain. Just glorious, though, and I eagerly await your spring shots. I don't think there is a prettier spot on earth, including the Garden of Eden, than Mississippi in the spring. I love going to the Natchez spring pilmgrimage, and while it's been quite a while since I journeyed there, I always enjoy it.


    Sheila :-)


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