Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jim's Cafe - Greenville Mississippi

Ok, If you've read my blogs, you've figured out by now that I love Southern character and charm. Well when my friends took me to eat at Jim's Cafe in downtown Greenville, Mississippi I felt like I was drowning in Southern Charm. After I placed my order for pancakes and grits, Mr. Jim gave me a tour of the place and talked me through all the various photos on the wall. Here are some pictures of the place. Go and eat there soon! It was fantastic.

The pure colors of the booths, tablecloths and decorative flowers were absolutely southern. I could have sat there all day.

Mr. Jim sells homemade pepper sauce. Our friends bought us a bottle last year and we LOVED it. We bought another bottle while we were there plus a few more for family and friends!

Then finally our food came and it was the best homemade southern breakfast I had had in a long time. That is melted butter in that little cup, and the syrup, oh my that awesome syrup.


  1. Whoa, Robert!!

    A stack with butter and syrup and sausage and grits and toast? Oh, My.

    I love the colors and the atmosphere, and the whole place just exudes oilcloth charm---there's something to be said for a place which keeps such a shine on the vinyl.

    And I DO LOVE a purveyor of Pepper Sauce, expecially in such an eclectic grouping of bottles---I wonder if they take the Jacks in trade, or just try to keep up with the demand on their own.

    I'm glad you went for breakfast---when I saw the title pop up, I hoped it wasn't for noon dinner---If I'd seen collards and cornbread, I'd be on the next train South.

  2. All this food wasn't just for me! It was for my wife and I both. Does that make it any better?

  3. Hi, Robert! It's so nice to meet you, and I am now officially starving after reading this post! ;-)

    I love pepper sauce, but what I really love are those wonderful old fashioned booths. How neat they are!

    Wishing you a very happy day...


    Sheila :-)

  4. I'd love to know what kind of camera you use~~I am days from buying my first slr.
    Your photos are fantastic!

  5. I think we're kindred souls trying to document our Southern lives...thanks so much for the comment and I'm putting your blog on my sidebar so that I can keep up with all your photos...

  6. Robert,

    I wasn't WHOA-ing the quantity---it was just that wonderful grouping, of some of the things which make the SOUTH so great.

    And you don't find them here all the time. The grits look like the richest, most delicious bowlful of all time. I could slide right across that green vinyl THIS MINUTE!

    Grits for breakfast tomorrow, for sure.

  7. I use a Canon 30D camera and most of my shots are using either a 10-22 lens, Sigma 28-75 or Canon 400

  8. It's nice to find another Mississippi blogger! I will be sure to stop by often.

    I'm not from the south originally, but I do love grits!!