Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black and White and Beautiful All Over

"Lord! Lord! My grandma taught me how to cook chicken, rest her soul! Now I cook up that chicken for all my friends. Do you know my Jesus?"

That was Mr. D as he came out singing to us as we enjoyed his wonderful fried chicken at the "Old Country Store" in Lorman, MS

Last weekend was an awesome day for a photo adventure! Rain clouds loomed over us, so I decided to shoot black and white all day. The clouds and gray skies provided the perfect backdrop. Here are some shots from up and down Highway 61 South, starting at Windsor ruins and ending up back in Vicksburg! Hope you enjoy

This old Bordon milk truck is off the side of Hwy 61 South about half way between Vicksburg and Port Gibson.

Church Hill, MS - This church dated from the late 1700's - There were graves in the back as late as 1773.

Photos of Windsor Ruins - Click here to learn more about Windsor Ruins

More photos of the day


  1. I can't believe there's an old Grocery Store down there that doesn't have the required metal "Pepsi Cola" guard about hand-height across the screen. I don't think that even IS screen---that's an odd one. And these are all amazing in their stark simplicity.

    Hope your holiday was wonderful!


  2. Love the piano pic! I just love piano pictures, but all of these are awesome!

  3. Hello! Perusing a few of your posts and had to comment on how awesome these black and white images are. They are my favorite. Also like the shots of Clovis :)

    I am not very familiar with the south so it will be a great to experience it through your lens.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving your comment.

    Kindly, ldh

  4. Stunning! Thank you for sharing ... and for making me crave good chicken.