Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photography has a way of capturing a moment in time. A moment frozen that never was and never will be again. Time stops for nothing. No man, no woman, nothing. These photos are proof of that. I call them "New Growth" and they are stark reminders that through all the moments in time we experience in our life, that time stops for no one. Once flourishing buildings that were full of

life will soon fade into the landscape. Graves that mark the end of our journey will be taken over by the vines and new growth. Time stops for no one. I think that is God's plan for many aspects of our life. He tells us not to get all wrapped up in things of this world because they are temporary, but He is forever. He also tells us to personally throw off our old selves and allow new growth to take over. Growth that is centered around Him and not our old ways. In photography I love the old growth they make nice pictures, but in my life I thank God everyday for the new growth. Here is a link to all the New Growth Photos.

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