Monday, December 7, 2009

Delta - "Mayor of Black Bayou"

Ladies and gentlemen meet Mr. Jimmie Rodgers. Mr. Rodgers is the junk man of the delta! He has been in the junkyard business since 1971 when he bought his place and started it from scratch.

I was out and about his junkyard looking (and photographing) the old tractors around his place, when I heard the strangest sounds coming from the back of the lot.

That's when I first met Molly and Jill.

No, not his kids, but his donkeys! Molly is the mom and Jill is her daughter. He loves having horses, mules, and other critters around. Mr. Rodgers says, "They help with the grass cutting." The Rodger's family live on "VFW road" and folks around consider him the "Mayor of Black Bayou", cause he is forever into what's happening around the neighborhood and everyone around comes to the junkyard to find out any new news. The bayou that runs along the road is call Black Bayou.

Just one more "Character of the Delta". More to come ...


  1. You mean THREE more characters of the Delta, don't you, Robert? Don't forget Molly and Jill!

    I loved meeting Mr. Rodgers, and look forward to meeting more of the people living in "his neighborhood."

  2. I love seeing this, Robert. What a neat post. I'm happy to meet your friend and his two buddies.

    Sheila :-)

  3. What a beautiful character and photography story. I think every town has a Mr. Rodgers...just by another name. I'm quite sure Molly and Jill are his "attack" donkeys:-0)