Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Southern Places - Beauty Everywhere

The southern United States. Mississippi, Louisiana and other southern states have such a unique landscape. There is so much beauty in just normal everyday southern stuff. Buildings, landscapes, or tires leaning on a tree. Enjoy some of my random shots of the south.

Cary, Mississippi - This old cotton gin was still very much operational when we stopped by. This shot was off the front of the building. The combination of broken glass, rusted tin, and water logged signs tell me this Gin has been processing cotton for many years.

 Driving through Pioneer, Louisiana this summer, we were flying down a back road highway when I looked out the window and saw this shot. It looks like the tires are all resting after a hard days work in the field.

This is one of my favorite piano shots. This one in particular was in an old abandoned church on the side of the road in the Mississippi delta up Highway 61 North. Rain had leaked into the building over the years and the wood was warping all around it. But on this day the sun was shining through the window. The piano was facing the window and seemed to be begging for someone to play it. For all my piano shots click here.

The lilies were all in full bloom this summer at Lake Hamilton near Port Gibson, Mississippi. This particular bloom was reaching high for the sunshine. It was one beautiful day. For more Lake Hamilton shots, click here.

Lake Providence, Louisiana - This boat shelter was rusting away, but the reflection on the beautiful water that day gave me a great shot. The contrast of colors between the green background and the rust colors of the building are the kind of contrast I love to find in a photograph.

So, like I said random shots from my random driving around the South. These are things that in the past I may have glanced at and never thought about again. With the gift of photography, I'm able to capture them in a single moment in time and admire their beauty forever.


  1. Wonderful shots, Robert, but I think my favorite is the boat house over the water. I love the water, and that is a GORGEOUS capture.

    Sheila :-)

  2. Wonder why we can see so much more in a photo than in person...great photos and I love that last one!!!!

  3. I just posted a blogpost about your site...I used some of your photos since your profile said it would be ok and linked back to this blog...

  4. Beutiful photos! I expecially like the piano.


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