Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yazoo River - Reflection

It was very early, about an hour before sunrise when I snuck out of bed to get dressed. My wife doesn't mind that I get up so early to beat the sunrise for pictures, but she very much minds when I wake her up asking her where my long johns are. It was cold on this morning. At least down to 40 degrees (I can see you northern folks laughing now) yes us southern folks think 40 degrees is cold, heck we close the schools if it gets to 32 degrees! I was excited a little more than usual because Marty was taking us somewhere I'd never been before. We were going to the Yazoo river. There are several levees there and their water reflects the sunrise like a shiny glass and would give us the opportunity for some awesome pictures. The funny part is that these levees were less than 20 miles from my front door and I had never been there before. I'm discovering that a lot these days. All the pictures around me in my own home tome that I've looked over for my 41 years.

So Annnywhooo, it was about a 100 ft walk from the top of the levee to the edge of the water, and it was DARK! And in Mississippi there are critters everywhere around the water. Snakes, alligators, etc. So Marty takes off toward the water and I naively walk behind him making as much noise as I can. I hear things splashing in the water, but I cant see anything yet. Hoping an alligator doesnt grab me, I get in position for taking pictures!

Then the sun started to rise! Oh my stars! When I see the photos in front of me. Here is my first shot of the morning after it got light enough, the sun just starting the break the horizon, it was then I noticed the FOG! How great for God to add a touch of fog to the photo! This lonely tree sits there every morning waiting on the sun to rise. Today it was showing off for us because usually no one is there to see its beauty.

Click on the pictures to see them full frame

The sun started rising and pushing the gray skies out of the way! It was like someone spilled a glass of orange soda and it was running through the sky.

There is Mr. Sun! He finally peaks over the horizon!

Until finally he is out in full glory! Here is a wide shot of what was in front of me the whole time.

You have to get out of bed before sunrise to see a sunrise. I'd never seen a sunrise on purpose over the last 40 years. Now, if I wake up before sunrise I almost can here the sun calling my name to tell me, "Don't miss me today, it is going to be awesome!"


  1. Never ONE sunrise? You're in for a treat from now on---you'll be hooked.

    These are absolutely magnificent---the shades and the reflections and the colors---just the way the Lord intended, right there on the screen. The pictures do not increase in size for me, as some do.

    Thanks to you and Marty and Janie, I'm seeing my old home through new eyes, and it's really a blessing to have y'all sending these every day. What a lovely Gift, every day of the year.

  2. Those are absolutely stunning, Robert. You and Marty were certainly in the right place at the right time, even if there were alligators and snakes lurking.

  3. Great shots...and I know you worked for them. These shots remind me of our local Reelfoot Lake with the cypress trees.

  4. Beautiful shots and so evocative of our amazing Mississippi landscape. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Robert, These are awesome and I think that you have inspired me to get up early and start trying to catch the sunrise.

  6. JR, Next time your around Vicksburg lets go shoot! My friend Marty and I go shoot most every Saturday.

  7. Robert, that is breathtaking! I am speechless. Each scene is a story in its own right. How long have you been doing this? You are mighty talented.

    I can feel the fog and the cold, and then that sunrise... these photographs also have a painterly quality. Just beautiful.


    Sheila :-)

  8. That is gorgeous!
    You should join the skywatch Friday group. I bet you could even be a guest host with an awesome photo like that!!!

  9. Good eye. You have an interesting blog. I will peak in again and thanks for viewing my blog. I hope to learn some photo tips by studying your photos.


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