Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Port Gibson, Mississippi - Southern Photography

So many of us walk around day after day living our life the same way under the same circumstances, yet we expect somehow for this day to be different. We wake up saying "Today may be better", yet we ourselves do nothing to help steer the day in a different direction. We wake up with the same attitude each day. We expect to get cut off in traffic, we expect to get skipped in line at Walmart, we expect to have customers at our job that aren't happy. Then we expect that these things will once again ruin our day.

Well take a look at this picture taken this past Saturday in Port Gibson's Lake Hamilton. Here is a lake full of despair, yet this flower decided to be different. This flower lives in the same circumstances that all the other flowers live in, yet it is full of life and reaching for the sky!

That is the lesson that God wanted me to see this weekend. He wanted me to know and to share with you guys, that we control our own attitudes. We control our own reactions. Even when we are living in a world of ugliness, a world of rudeness, we control how that affects us.

Next time you are cut off in traffic, next time someone jumps in front of you in line, next time that customer is rude, say to yourself "You will not bring me down today." No matter what this world throws at you, you have a God who loves you and his attitude toward you will never change. Now go and have a joyful day!


  1. Even in a swamp, a lily is still a lily, rising above the mud into the sunlight, catching the rays on her petals, shining a bit herself. Even "blushing unseen," the beautiful is still there. Even if you'd not made the picture, this one would have budded, blossomed, lived out her days, and faded gently away.

    Lovely photo, lovely lesson, Robert.

  2. Great photo and great thoughts, Robert. I notice that the flower is looking straight up, focused on its Creator instead of drooping its head to look at the desperate circumstances around it. Also makes me think of the expression "Bloom where you are planted!" We can bring light even to dark places if we keep our eyes on Him!

  3. Love this post, and the picture. A lesson we can all learn from, indeed!

  4. What a lovely post, Robert!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours...


    Sheila :-)


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