Friday, July 30, 2010

Church Pulpits

The pulpit is a furniture fixture you'll find in most if not all churches.  A two-sided communication bridge between God and the congregation looking for Gods wisdom and inspiration.  One one side of the pulpit stands the spiritual leader of the church.  When the leader steps up to their side of the pulpit it is a time of reverence.

The words that are about to be spoken from that side of the pulpit are supposed to be words that have been inspired by God himself and presented to the church body using the leader as a channel.  That presents a great responsibility for the leader because they must be sure that before they step up to the pulpit, that what they have to say truly is the message that God wants them to present. This usually involves the leader spending time with God in prayer and study of the bible before ever walking up.

On the other side of the pulpit is the church body. People of the community that walk in the church doors to hear a message of hope. To sit and face the pulpit just as Moses faced the burning bush to hear a message of what they should do with their lives.

Many traditional churches consider the pulpit itself holy and sacred, not to be moved at any time.  Other more contemporary churches will move the pulpit on and off the stage at the appropriate times of the service. These pictures were taken from churches around the state of Mississippi and when I'm taking the pictures I want to be reverent and respectful of the place I'm in. Praise God!

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  1. Robert, your words reminded me so much of the dear old lady who had taught Primary Class for probably fifty years in one of our churches. She was the main person besides their parents who got the little ones a start down the right path.

    One of her first lessons with a new group of four-and-five-year-olds was that if you had to wiggle your sleepy foot or scratch your head, just do it quietly during the prayer, for that's when you're talking to The Lord.

    During the Bible Reading and the Sermon, sit still, be respectful, be quiet and listen, because that's when The Lord is talking to YOU.

  2. Beautiful pictures and inspiration, Robert. I love Rachel's comment, too.

  3. Lovely!

    There was once a church that was blown down by a tornado, and the only thing left standing was part of a brick wall, and either the pulpit or the communion table (one or the other) with an open Bible.


    Sheila :-)

  4. I just made a comment on Marty's blog, and I want to add it here -- because it also applies to your work. Thanks, Robert, for your inspiring photography! [My comment to Marty AND to you: Even when you don't add captions to your photos, I know that you have seen your subjects through eyes of faith -- and that makes them all the more enjoyable to me!] :)


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