Monday, May 10, 2010

Delta Sunrise

Took off Saturday morning with my friends Marty and Jerry and went straight into the heart of the Mississippi Delta. We drove straight up 61 North not knowing what to expect or see. The rain was falling, so we thought a sunrise would be hard to find with all the clouds. Well about 6:45 the clouds started breaking and the sun was a bright orange as it tried to find a peephole through the storm! Boy o boy did we find a sunrise! Here is the "Big Red Barn" silhouetted with the awesome Delta sky.

This tree was on the east side of the highway straight across from the barn

On Marty's blog this week he discussed the rare "double shotgun" house we found. Here is my shot of what I called the "Delta Duplex"!


  1. Wow, Robert!!

    Marty mentioned your Saturday trip this a.m., and I was hoping you'd post today. These are absolutely spectacular.

    All that glory for free!

    The framing of the Delta Duplex makes a wonderful shot, as well. You think maybe TWO families lived there?

  2. Robert, beautiful work. The "Delta Duplex" could be quite old. I've seen houses in the Deep South with two front doors, and they are usually on older structures (generally antebellum structures). Churches sometimes had "duplex" doors, too. I'm glad you shot that. So many older homes are gone, only existing in people's memories.

  3. Robert, it is always a pleasure seeing things through your lens. I love the way you captured the "Delta Duplex," framing it with the new shoots of corn. That picture seems to say, "Life goes on."

    I know you were awestruck by the glory of that sunrise. Your pictures are truly beautiful.

  4. I especially enjoyed seeing these three photos. Thank you for venturing "into the storm" to capture this sunrise for us -- including the "Big Red Barn" in a whole new light!

  5. i love the sunrise drama. it's so beautiful. nature is really amazing. thanks for sharing wonderful your captures. ",)

  6. erratum: *your wonderful captures ",)

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