Monday, May 24, 2010

Delta Colors

Well we once again took off into the delta this weekend and found that the delta was alive and well! The colors ranged from the rich greens of the growing crops to the orange glow of the sunrise to the reds of the rusty delta farm equipment and the blues of the beautiful summer sky. Hope you enjoy!

Right before the sun cracked the horizon, I grabbed this shot of a Marty silhouette! His blog this week focuses on the awesome sunrise we shot. Check it out!


Then came a beautiful sunrise!

The sun was shining bright on these gorgious delta crops

Mount Helena was alive and well. The house is huge, but seems so small against the big beautiful blue sky.

Another incredible day. I never tire of driving through my home state. No matter how much you shoot these delta monuments, we always seem to find something new!


  1. Robert,

    You always take me home---just beautiful, and your capturings of the places I know so well---wonderful.

  2. Simply breathtaking, Robert. The Delta is, indeed, a very special place.

  3. I'm loving u'r photos and travel tales and characters of MS. Keep it up

  4. i love the sky, the field and the sun and its colours. perfect nature.

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