Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vicksburg - Beautiful Day

Went shooting with Marty this past weekend. We thought it was going to rain and we would miss the sunrise, but boy did God have other plans. We saw so many colors in the sky. It was beautiful! Here are some random shots around Vicksburg from that day.

An old bridge on Hwy 80 right out of Vicksburg.

The sunrise was so colorful

Yet another old piano wasting away in the elements. Found in an old abandoned church off of Tucker Road.


  1. Well, Hay, Robert!!

    I've been hoping you were out and about with your camera. These are just wonderful, with all the vivid colors.

    And that noble old piano, just patiently sitting there, hoping his people will be back someday.

    The last one is just spectacular---is that fog below the trees? It's reflective, like water, but it does seem to have a floaty swirl to it.

    Thank you for these!!


  2. Beautiful pictures, Robert. I think my favorite is the old piano and lace curtains.

    The sunrise pictures are stunning, too. You and Marty are always in the right place at the right time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful morning with us.



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